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About Us

The Company
Founded by two friends, one in Florida, the other in Arizona, both long time entrepreneurs. We Shop And Deliver® was created to bring a higher level of professionalism to the grocery delivery arena. We Shop And Deliver® is committed to providing outstanding grocery delivery services to residential, and commercial customers. It is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and service, while paying close attention to each customer’s individual needs.

Expanding Our Brand
Over the years that we have been running our grocery delivery business, we have created many great tools. Tools that have allowed us to grow our business, and realize our dream of owning and operating a successful grocery delivery business. We are now making these available to anyone that is thinking of starting a grocery delivery business, or for folks already in the field that want to grow and expand their current business. Our licensing program will allow the Independent grocery delivery business owner to obtain a very professional brand and image without the high cost of doing it from scratch. We have created a very affordable solution to going it alone or buying an expensive franchising system.

It is our goal to create a network of Independent We Shop And Deliver licensees all across the country. Shoppers that will be armed with the professional tools and equipment to provide a high quality delivery service to customers all across the United States. It is these Independent business owners that will be delivering a service that customers can depend on time after time.